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Essex Probation

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We make communities safer by the effective and professional management of offenders – controlling and changing their behaviour. Our organisation is nationally valued as an innovative and effective provider of services to make communities safer by providing a range of services that reduce re-offending.

Our values are those of fairness and openness. We recognise the contributions of our staff and are content to be judged on the results we achieve. We work in strong partnerships with agencies that share our values.

Probation’s influence extends right across the Criminal Justice System. Before court appearances and sentencing, through to completion of community sentences, or imprisonment and post-release, Probation services will be there.

We are not just concerned with stopping current offending behaviour. We are dedicated to providing rehabilitation that assists offenders in turning their lives around and becoming contributing members of society. This is the best service anyone could provide for victims of crime.

To achieve our success, we need to make wide and imaginative provision for a great diversity of offenders. We value the work of our contracted and strategic partners which enhances and expands on what works best in cutting crime.

For more information about Essex CRC, our services, people or latest news, please get in touch here.