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Essex Probation

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Partnership ManagersAn impressive alliance of key agencies are active with us in planning for crime reduction in Essex. We have an important role alongside our strategic allies in the Essex Criminal Justice Board. We work with the 13 Community Safety Partnerships; with the Safer Essex strategic group, the Crime and Disorder Network Executive, the 3 Safeguarding Boards for both Children and Vulnerable Adults and the 3 Drug and Alcohol Commissioning Teams. We join with the imaginative initiatives in Essex and the two Unitary Authorities to increase community safety.

These partnerships help to provide a variety of services addressing issues as diverse as:

  • creating cohesive, safe and sustainable communities
  • all aspects of substance misuse and health
  • safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
  • providing accommodation and other support to enable a wide range of vulnerable groups to live independently in the community.


Our strategic colleagues:
Essex Criminal Justice Board


Our partnerships include:

Whole Essex Community Budget
Strategic Community Safety Partnerships
Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs)
Community Health Commissioners
Safeguarding Children’s Board and Safeguarding Adults’ Board
Children’s Partnerships


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