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Essex Probation

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Award-winning staff in Essex: both CRC and NPS win National Awards

Posted: 4th July 2014 by Essex CRC.
Essex CRC winners
Essex CRC winners

Twenty-one UK finalists turned up to the National Probation Awards recently, to take part in the Probation Oscars (suspense, envelope…).

Both Essex finalists won their category. Laura Adams, now an Offender Manager in the National Probation Service and based in Chelmsford, won for her work in Public Protection.

Dannielle Mannix, a Housing Liaison Officer in Southend, won for her sterling work with our partners.

“Having two Essex finalists is a great tribute to the kind of work everyone’s been doing in this county – and it’s appropriate we should have one from each organisation,” said Mary Archer, Chief Executive of Essex CRC.

Both in the running for a second award

Both Danielle and Laura are entered into the Butler Trust Awards – again national awards – which won’t be decided until December. Rab Butler was a reforming Home Secretary in the 1950s, and the Trust sets out to promote good practice in prisons, probation and the youth services. The Princess Royal hands out the awards at Buckingham Palace every year.