Your safety; our priority

Caring for our teams during crises

Safety has always been more than a motto, and now we have the chance to illuminate our standards and take them to the next level as we battle against the virus. It is a critical priority for us that each employee has the appropriate safety equipment and training to do their job safely, as well as ensuring psychologically readiness to work in high-risk or stressful frontline environments.

Safety checks start every work activity

Our health and safety culture at Sodexo is centered around a regular practice that every employee must review before conducting an activity: the three checks for safety. Do I know how to do the job? Do I have the right equipment? Is my environment safe? This simple mantra helps us to drive the right behaviors at Sodexo and protect the safety of our employees.

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Our next step: helping clients return to work safely

As part of our rise with Sodexo program, we have adapted services and developed new ways of working to inspire confidence in our clients and consumers when returning to a “new normal”. Central to the program is the need to give our employees the training, skills, equipment and wellbeing support to enable them to return to the workplace, knowing their health and safety is paramount.

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Recognizing our heroes

Everyday heroes inspire us all. These heroes show us how to lean on each other, support each other, and simultaneously work at peak performance while modelling our values daily. We actively seek out the heroes in our team because they help us keep our smiles on, and our hearts strong especially in challenging times. These heroes make the difference, and you may be the next one.

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