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Essex Probation

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Case Study: Archer Trust – long-term work will benefit the community

One new, long-term Community Payback project in Mid Essex is the creation of a new workshop and training facilities at a once-derelict site in the centre of Braintree, working in association with the Archer Trust and Rethink Mental Health.

After an initial safety inspection by Essex Probation, Community Payback teams began the huge task of clearing accumulated rubbish, digging trenches and getting the new kitchen and toilet facilities up and running.

Work already under way includes an area for Rethink Mental Health to deliver IT workshops for their clients. New kitchen and toilet facilities are on our list.

There will also be a workshop for Essex Probation’s Community Payback,  in which offenders can make and restore furniture to be sold to charity shops for £5, who in turn will sell the items to the public at a profit. The money we generate will be used to restock DIY materials, with the remainder going to Essex Air Ambulance.

A garage and store area complete with ramps and a recovery lorry belonging to the Archer Trust. Community Payback and others will be able to use these facilities. Practising on two un-roadworthy cars donated by the Ford Motor Company, offenders will be able to learn vehicle maintenance skills. The ultimate aim is to provide vehicle servicing to local charities.


Archer Trust Community Centre