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Essex Probation

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Case Study: New mural for Hamstel Allotments

Ex-offenders from Southend have been helping the local community by assisting with the maintenance of Hamstel Road Allotments. Many of the plots had been abandoned and left to go wild. Offenders have worked hard to clear the abandoned areas, hacking back brambles and digging out roots. Previously worthless plots have now been rented to local residents, generating funds for the allotment society.

Our teams continue to help with on-going maintenance, by mowing communal areas, paths and working areas, and assisting those allotment-holders who struggle with heavy digging and weeding.

They also help out in the Trading Hut, weighing and bagging items for sale. The skills of one offender were used to enhance the back wall of the hut, on which he created a vegetable mural, brightening up what was a very dull area.

Offenders continue to work at the allotments 52 weeks of the year, in partnership with Southend Borough Council, to help the local community.


Hamstell Road Allotments Mural