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Essex Probation

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Case Study: Wide range of improvements benefits Belmont allotments

Working closely with members of the Allotment Association, Community Payback teams undertook a wide range of improvements to the site, including relining and painting the members’ log cabin, clearing and maintaining footpaths throughout the site as well as the area around some beehives, cleaning and restocking the pond in the wildlife garden and generally keeping all the communal areas tidy.

“Taking part in the Community Payback scheme has been very rewarding for both sides. We have been able to complete a number of projects that we needed to get done, thus allowing us to continue the children’s educational visits to the allotments. There was also a lot of day-to-day maintenance that needed to be carried out in the wildlife garden and landscape areas surrounding the allotments. The offenders seem happy with the fact that they can see what they have achieved. We hope to continue working with you in future for the good of the community and the offenders.” ~ Brian Taylor MBE, on behalf of Belmont Allotment Association


Belmont Allotments