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Essex Probation

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Child Exploitation conference: big impact

Posted: 13th November 2014 by Essex CRC.
Safeguarding Conference
Safeguarding Conference

This is not an issue just for the big cities. Essex is not exempt.

Understanding the broad range of child exploitation, through listening to both the experts and to survivors describing their experiences, was the aim of the day provided by the Essex Safeguarding Board recently. Called Routes to Safety, the conference was attended by agencies across Essex, and covered child sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation, forced marriage and gang culture. Excellent speakers with impactful material left participants in no doubt of the need to work harder and more cohesively to help protect Essex children.

“The survivors’ stories gave a powerful message to professionals of what can go wrong when agencies are not fully coordinated, but also an empowering message of how lives are turned around when they work together seamlessly,” said Simon Hart, Independent Chairman.

More information can be found on the ESCB website.