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Domestic Abuse: Is it increasing? Do people know where to turn to?

Posted: 13th January 2015 by Essex CRC.
Domestic Abuse Couple
Domestic Abuse Couple

Recent comments by the agencies most involved in assisting victims of Domestic Abuse indicate a huge job of work still to be done. It is easier to report it these days, but does that account for the increasing numbers?

On average about seven women and two men are killed by their current or former partner every month in England and Wales. Agencies work hard to offer the support and protection victims need, others work with perpetrators, the police are examining their own contribution to prevention as well as detection, and others seek ways of improving joint work to provide a more cohesive response to the problem.


Learn more about the nature of Domestic Abuse, both violent and non-violent, and see where it is possible to get help.


Read about their work from two Essex CRC workers who specialise in working with perpetrators.


You can also find out about how we’re working to tackle Domestic Abuse with our latest, fully researched accredited programme, Building Better Relationships.