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Essex Probation

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Essex CRC’s new owner Sodexo meets staff to discuss plans

Posted: 18th March 2015 by Essex CRC.
Sodexo Staff Engagement Event
Sodexo Staff Engagement Event

Sodexo’s size as an organisation, its ethics, its ideas for rehabilitation, and where the CRC fitted into the planning, were part of a broad sweep of topics covered by senior members of Sodexo’s Mobilisation and Transition Team (MTT) introducing themselves to Essex CRC, recently.

Putting resources in the right place, prioritising work with those who were closest to change, finding other work to do with those who needed more motivation, working with the CRCs to maintain high performance and create new ways of working – all this and more filled a full presentation before the Q&As. The role of Sodexo as a parent company which supports the CRC rather than taking over was clearly stated: “We will be part of the development of the work and this is definitely not Sodexo coming and doing it to you.”

A bucketload of work to do, both in planning work w  ith service users and in setting up the infrastructure that will allow all this to happen.