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From drug addiction to mentoring others — David tells Police and Crime Commissioner Conference about his road to recovery

Posted: 9th June 2015 by Essex CRC.
David Redhead and Essex PCC Nick Alston
David Redhead and Essex PCC Nick Alston

A former crack-cocaine user has described turning his back on a life of drugs and crime, at a conference hosted by Essex PCC Nick Alston.

David Redhead told the audience, which included Essex Police Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh and representatives of the courts, CPS, local authorities and drug treatment programmes, that with the support of Essex CRC he was now working towards becoming a mentor, helping others overcome similar problems.

David’s transformation in a little over six months began when he met West Essex Offender Manager Cassandra Davies, in December 2014, joined the BSR Programme and attended Cocaine Anonymous meetings.

Cassandra said: “When I took over, David was failing to attend appointments, still using crack cocaine and was generally a bit of a mess. He was given a Community Order with three requirements: Supervision, DRR and BSR. I made it clear that he would need to help me to help him, and that this needed to be a joint effort.

“I suggested that Marissa from Westminster Drug Project and myself would work together to provide him with all the support, motivation and encouragement he needed.

“I arranged his supervision meetings immediately after the BSR sessions, as he had mentioned drug-cravings following each one. This helped, and David’s attendance, compliance and motivation soon increased.”

David’s impetus to stay on the right track has led him to join mentoring courses delivered by Mentor 66 and Essex CRC partners User Voice. A fact he was able to relate very well for himself, when interviewed by the media after the PCC Conference.

Pictured: Essex Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston (left) with David, after the conference.