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Essex Probation

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High Sheriff: “Thanks, and I have confidence in the CRC’s future.”

Posted: 12th March 2015 by Essex CRC.
High Sheriffs Prize Winner Martin Lucas
High Sheriffs Prize Winner Martin Lucas

Honouring Essex CRC staff for the contribution they make to public protection in delivering Probation services, Nicholas Charrington, High Sheriff of Essex, presided over his annual High Sheriff Prize event last week.

Instituted by the then High Sheriff for the Probation Service in Essex 15 years ago, The High Sheriff’s Prize has regularly emphasised the value of the work which rehabilitates a wide range of offenders and controls those who present a risk to the public. Continuing the tradition this year, Essex CRC staff were thanked for their work.

Of the radical changes to the Probation Service[1], he said: “I have every confidence that in Essex, where winning national awards and reaching high performance standards seems to have become a bit of a habit, you will take on this new situation and run with it.”

The High Sheriff gave awards for Offender Management, Innovation, Public Protection, Interventions, Partnerships, Best Manager, Best Team, Best Work to Support the Organisation, and working with Diversity.

The overall High Sheriff’s Prize went to manager Martin Lucas. A Special Contribution Award went to Elisa Vasquez-Walters.

[1] Essex Probation has become Essex Community Rehabilitation Company, owned by Sodexo with Nacro. The government split Probation into two, with Essex CRC managing the bulk of offenders. A smaller-sized group, under the National Probation Service, manages the fewer high-risk offenders in the county.