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Essex Probation

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Looking to the future: Probation is helping ex-offender Richard turn his life around

Posted: 6th November 2013 by Essex CRC.
Richard Zanone and his Offender Manager Tony Jones
Richard Zanone and his Offender Manager Tony Jones

Essex Probation’s role in helping to transform the life of 38‐year‐old Richard Zanone made headlines recently:

The Southend Echo reported his life-changing turn‐around from a 20‐year drug addiction and numerous prison sentences, to drugs‐free charity runner.

It was after his last period in prison that Richard decided to address his problems head‐on and start to turn his life around with the help of Probation.

Richard’s determination to change is a major achievement, explains Tony Jones, who supervises his Court Orders: “It takes a lot to confront a drug habit like Richard’s and it says a lot about the work he has put in to get this far.”

Richard decided to pay something back to the community. He said: “I wanted to do something good, and I wanted to give something to the community. I started running. I found something I am good at, and I’m looking forward to doing something more.” He completed the run.

“It was absolutely amazing to see him come across the finish line, and achieve this goal that he set for himself so many months ago. While we were talking to him afterwards, he turned to his Mum to introduce her to his Offender Manager, Tony Jones, and told her that he wouldn’t have been here without Tony. It was a precious and inspiring moment,” said Alex Osler, one of Probation’s managers in Southend.