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Essex CRC’s Mentoring Scheme: thirteen more mentors receive their training certificates

Posted: 25th November 2014 by Essex CRC.
Mentors Montage
Mentors Montage

The good news was announced at a recent Leadership Forum, when 11 of the 13 received their certificates in person from the Chief Executive.

Peer Mentors are ex‐offenders who have recently completed their Orders and Licences or are nearing the end of their Supervision experience. A typical mentor is an offender who has made significant changes in their life, overcoming obstacles to move away from offending and risky behaviours.

In partnership with User Voice (a specialist ex‐offender led company), Essex CRC is harnessing the unique and invaluable experience of those who have successfully improved their outlook and situation. Training is provided to the potential mentors by User Voice, resulting in a recognised qualification in Mentoring. Essex CRC has committed to providing further support to mentors in the form of a six‐month fixed term employment contract for successful candidates as case supporters. Case supporters deliver a mentoring and support role alongside our offender managers – helping to recruit the mentors of the future while improving their chances of permanent employment in the process.

“We’ve had 40 mentors through our training scheme over the last two years,” said Brendan Doyle, Peer Support Programme Manager for User Voice, at the recent Leadership Forum. “We have recently achieved our 10th Case Supporter and now have three ex-mentors working for the CRC.”

“This is what we’re here for,” said Mary. It’s wonderful to see people come through this brilliant scheme.”

Pictured above: Mary Archer (left) presenting certificates to some of the recently-qualified Peer Mentors, with User Voice’s Brendan Doyle (right) looking on.