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Essex Probation


Interventions : successful in reducing crime

We use a range of ‘Interventions’, which intervene in, or get in the way of, those activities involved in committing crime, and teach offenders alternative ways of behaving, and of dealing with their own circumstances and thinking.

The research demonstrates effectiveness

Accredited programmes, which have been researched for effectiveness, use Cognitive Behavioural techniques, providing practical solutions and tools for offenders. The communication skills of our programme tutors are vital in bringing alive the work that needs to be done by people over several months. Programmes are matched to the nature of an individual’s offending.

Practical work

Unpaid Work or Community Payback, is an intervention of a different kind. As is our practical project, ETE (Education, Training and Employment) to enhance a person’s employability.

Read on to discover more about the variety of interventions which set people on the road to a changed life.