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Essex Probation

Community Payback Explained

The courts sentence thousands of Unpaid Work hours every year. Repaying local communities for their crimes, individuals do work that benefits the area and which is frequently nominated by local people. Community Payback is not intended to replace paid employment. It also complements work done by local authorities and voluntary organisations.

Additional benefits

Working with the police and local councils to identify local ‘hot-spots’, we can improve them to the point that anti-social behaviour, which often accompanies poorly-maintained communal areas, is seriously reduced.

Although CP is primarily a punishment, the practical and vocational skills learned by particiapnts while completing their hours can make them more employable and less likely to reoffend.

More intensive work

Where service users are not in full-time work, education or training, they can be subject to ‘intensive working’ (the more demanding and punitive sentence which requires attendance for a minimum of 18 hours per week, over three days). In Essex we aim for a four-day week, increasing the sense of a paid working situation, and instilling a work ethic.

Community Payback - Knee Deep in Mud


Anyone can nominate a project, so, if you are an individual, member of a club, community group, faith group or voluntary organisation and have a project that fits the criteria above, please complete the form