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Essex Probation

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Community Payback: Great Results

98% of offenders surveyed said that they were less likely to reoffend again, now that they had completed Unpaid Work. Of these, 85% said that they were not at all likely to reoffend. The reoffending rate for this group is encouraging: 7 out of 10 offenders do not reoffend.

Beneficiaries are also surveyed, and 100% said that they would approach Community Payback to undertake work for them in future. All believed that the work had been completed as agreed, and 82% said that the standard of work had been excellent.

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Working with the Third Sector

Our work with the Third Sector enhances and extends the reach and quality of what we can offer the local community, as well as giving skills to untrained offenders. Two examples:

1. The awards offenders can gain through Conservation Trust Volunteers ((CTV) on its own training sites:

  • Grassland management
  • Fence and post course
  • Raised veg and flower beds course
  • Orchard management
  • Pond management
  • “Hotels for little bugs”
  • Scrubland clearance

Offenders are then in a position to use these skills on the relevant Community Payback groups prior to the completion of their Order.

2. The Essex County Council Pledge to the Environment

The Council’s pledge has enhanced the opportunites for work with many organisations to achieve a shared goal.

  • The Environment Agency
  • CTV
  • The Wildlife Trusts
  • The National Trust
  • The RSPB
  • Moot Housing
  • Scouts
  • The Equestrian Trust
  • Nature Reserves
  • The YMCA

In addition to these groups, the council’s in-house experts also work closely with us.