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Essex Probation

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Community Payback Testimonials

We receive many letters of thanks every year for the standard of Community Payback work and the attitudes of the offenders who complete their hours ordered by the courts. These are typical:

Belmont Allotment Association

“Taking part in the Community Payback scheme has been very rewarding for both sides. We have been able to complete a number of projects that we needed to get done, thus allowing us to continue the childrens’ educational visits to the allotments.

“There was also a lot of day-to-day maintenance that needed to be carried out in the wildlife garden and landscape areas surrounding the allotments. The offenders seem happy with the fact that they can see what they have achieved.

“We hope to continue working with you in future for the good of the community and the offenders.”

Makeover for Fambridge Village Hall

“Thank you for the splendid work carried out by your Community Payback Team on our Village Hall and School House.

“The areas surrounding the car parks were completely overgrown and out of control and they are now neat and tidy. We think we have gained about two feet of parking space all round. The team also painted our Gents toilet, which was in a poor condition.

“Please pass on our thanks to the Supervisor and the team and tell them we would welcome them back any time.”

Thanks from Great Yeldham

“We would like to thank you and your people for the service you have been giving to the village of Great Yeldham. Since we first made contact you have decorated the interior of our Reading Room in the village hall, sorted out the rear garden of the Reading Room, removed a whole load of undergrowth from around our Recreation Ground and made regular visits to litter pick.

“The work at the Recreation Ground and the Litter Picking is still on-going. We are very grateful for all these jobs as, without your help, they would either have not got done or would have cost a great deal of money.

“Your people are very easy to work with and have been very flexible in carrying out the tasks we have asked them do.”

Nature boost for Earls Hall Junior School

“I would like to thank you on behalf of the Governors, staff and pupils for providing us with a tree-planting service. The team worked hard and completed the task most efficiently within the school day. Their behaviour on our site was commendable, and we would welcome them back any time.

“In time to come the trees at our school will provide a home for insects and birds, enabling our children to enjoy the study of nature in their own backyard.”

 Improving church access

“I write on behalf of the Property Committee – and indeed all the members – of our church, here at Hockley, to express our appreciation for the splendid work carried out by one of your teams in clearing away the undergrowth from the east side of the church.

“It has removed an eyesore and enabled us to have ready access to an area that had become quite difficult to penetrate.

“Please pass on our sincere thanks to everyone involved.”

Drainage work helps to avert flooding and saves ££££

“I am writing to commend your team on their excellent work and the services they gave to the Town Council in helping our councillors create a drainage system for the flooding which was occurring at Lower Wyburns Allotment site.

“Remedial work can be very expensive. It is good to know that the Town Council can rely on Essex Probation to work on projects to save money, and this is very appreciated.”

Praise for churchyard improvements

“Would you please give Barry and his team our heartiest thanks for their amazing hard work on Saturday. We are all truly thankful to them for getting the churchyard into an orderly state again. All the graves are now accessible and every one is delighted with their hard work.

Working in all weathers

“Thank you for the work that Barry and the team did on Saturday at Bulphan. It was 31 degrees, but they did a good job.”

Thanks for transforming our churchyard

“Thank you for the great work that your Community Payback team did at Orsett Church. The last four visits have transformed the churchyard, which is greatly appreciated. We are sure it will be appreciated by The Bishop of Bradwell, who officiates here, at the wedding of his daughter later this month. Needless to say, if you have any spare slots there is always more to be done.”