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Essex Probation

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Community Payback: More Interesting Facts

  • 98% of offenders surveyed said that they were less likely to reoffend again, now that they had completed Unpaid Work. Of these, 85% said that they were not at all likely to reoffend.The reoffending rate for this group is encouraging: 7 out of 10 offenders do not reoffend.
  • Beneficiaries are also surveyed, and 100% said that they would approach Community Payback and Essex Probation to undertake work for them in future. All believed that the work had been completed as agreed, and 82% said that the standard of work had been excellent.
  • 216 churches, 43 schools, 57 public places and 113 Local Authority projects have benefited in Essex over the last 12 months.
  • 40% of offenders are directly supervised by the beneficiaries who receive assistance, working in partnership with us: this is above the national average. All placements of this type are subject to a thorough risk assessment beforehand.
  • The total number of offender hours worked in 2012 was 227,906.
  • The number of offender hours which include Employment, Training and Education was 2,869.
  • Essex is in the top three across the country for the size of our working groups we can manage.
  • Motivating and encouraging offenders is very important, but so is taking people back to court if they are not doing their work. Consistent returns to court in 100% of relevant cases delivers a message to offenders as well as the community.