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Essex Probation

Substance Misuse

Substance Misuse - InjectingThe misuse of drugs and alcohol can cause and exacerbate crime and make it difficult for someone to move away from an offending lifestyle. We work with service users and other agencies to help people with addiction.

Alcohol issues

Charities and government figures tell us that there are fifty times more deaths from drinking every year than there are for illegal drugs. 80% of public disorder crimes are alcohol-related. Victims of violence believed the perpetrators to be under the influence of alcohol in 50% of all violent incidents. The number of dependent drinkers is over 1½ million.

Different categories of crime

It is our job to work with those people who are sent to us by the courts and whose substance abuse has led to crime, which can include dealing in, or possession of illegal substances, or crimes committed to maintain drug and alcohol habits, or crime committed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Agency expertise

In Essex, a number of partner agencies work with us to provide a range of alternatives, either to fulfill a court order with substance abuse treatment as a requirement, or to respond to need identified during supervision.


Where substance misuse is identified as a problem, the Responsible Officer will refer people to the most appropriate service, while offering guidance and support in their efforts to deal with their problem.