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Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements

Our job is to prevent further victims, and to protect the public from the wide range of offenders who are placed under our supervision. Public Protection from the small number of more serious offenders supervised by the National Probation Service is often managed through Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements, or MAPPA.

Experts join together

MAPPA arrangements are established by police, probation and the prison service in your area (known as the Responsible Authority) to assess and manage the risk posed by sexual and violent offenders. Other agencies that co-operate in MAPPA include the Essex Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC), Jobcentre Plus, local education authorities, local housing authorities, registered social landlords, social services, strategic health authorities, Care Trusts and NHS Trusts, and electronic monitoring providers.

The principles that govern MAPPA are simple:

  • Identify who may pose a risk of harm
  • Share relevant information about them
  • Assess the nature and extent of that risk
  • Find ways to manage that risk effectively, protecting victims and reducing further harm

Protection for victims across the country

The arrangements operate across England and Wales and allow agencies to review the risk posed by offenders and the actions taken to manage them. Central to all risk management is the need to consider the protection of previous and possible future victims.

Disclosing information about offenders

As part of any risk management strategy it may be considered necessary to prevent harm by disclosing information about offenders to others, such as new partners, landlords or even school head teachers. This will be done by the police.

Information is not disclosed to the public unless they are in a position to better monitor and manage the offender or unless they are potentially at risk.

Strategic oversight

A Strategic Management Board monitors and reviews how these public protection arrangements are working in each local area. Chaired by a senior representative of the police, probation or prison service, the Board includes senior representatives of other agencies.

Involving the public

Each Board also has two members of the public appointed by the Secretary of State, to act as lay advisers in the review and monitoring of the arrangements and to help improve links with communities.

For a comprehensive explanation and graphic illustration of how MAPPA works, have a look at a MAPPA Annual Report in our Publications Archive. It describes typical cases that MAPPA is currently managing, the numbers of offenders this involves, and the public protection we are able to provide.

See the MAPPA Preventing Serious Harm Leaflet