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Essex Probation

Supervision of a Community Order

The Offender Manager is pivotal to managing the courts’ requirements, setting the boundaries, setting the agenda, and involving the offender in planning for the future. If there is a failure to comply, it will be the Offender Manager who recommends a return to court, or ensures a recall to prison. Good communication between the CRC and the NPS in Essex will be vital.

Controls with motivation

While putting in the necessary controls, checking on compliance, and mapping out the course of supervision, the OM will set out to energise the indifferent, and motivate the less able and the doubtful.

A planned order of work

While NPS staff will do the original assessment, all offender managers will be diagnosticians and planners, laying down the steps that each offender needs to take, planning out a sequence of work to deal with a variety of issues, and making the Supervision Plan. A contract is signed by the offender. Progress will be reviewed and assessed, and adjustments made in the light of new events and further understanding of an individual’s behaviour, gained through regular contact.

The courts influence the nature of supervision by creating a Community Order from a menu of requirements:

  • Supervision
  • Unpaid Work
  • Programmes
  • Drug interventions
  • Alcohol interventions
  • Mental Health treatment
  • Curfews
  • Education, Training and Employment interventions
  • Prohibition from certain activities
  • Exclusion from certain places
  • Residence in places directed
  • Attendance at certain activities

These are designed to punish, change, control and help the offender in their efforts to avoid crime.