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Essex Probation

Supervision of Licences

Those offenders with prison sentences of more than 12 months will usually return to the community on Licence at the half-way point, and be supervised by Probation for the remainder of their sentence. This is to ensure that the offender is subject to some controls on release, enabling a safer transfer back into the community which is likely to prevent further offending.

Should an offender fail to comply, Licensees can be (and are) returned to prison via a Recall, which Probation can achieve very quickly, without a need to take the offender to court. After the recall, the Parole Board will ensure that it was appropriate, and will respond to future applications from the prisoner for release.

Licence conditions

These are the six standard conditions in a prison licence:

  1. Good behaviour and not committing further offences
  2. Keeping in touch with the officer responsible for managing the licence and doing what they say.
  3. Allowing visits to the home when required
  4. Living at an acceptable address, and discussing any change of address with the officer,.
  5. Only doing work agreed by the officer.
  6. Not travelling outside the UK without permission (which is not usually given).

Additional conditions

Further conditions are often added tailored to the offender’s circumstances and offending pattern. They tend to appear under the following headings:

  • Contact requirement
  • Prohibited contact requirement
  • Prohibited activity requirement
  • Residency requirement
  • Prohibited residency requirement
  • Curfew requirement
  • Exclusion requirement
  • Supervision requirement
  • Programme requirement
  • Non-association requirement
  • Drug testing requirement


Prisoner Release