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Essex Probation


Probation services are present throughout the Criminal Justice system. They are available at most of the stages of an offender’s journey,  in the courts, in the community, and in working with the prisons.

Until recently, Probation has worked with offenders who receive more than twelve months’ imprisonment. Those receiving a short prison sentence were not eligible for Probation support for many years. However, in our work with the Police on a new scheme, Integrated Offender Management, we are able to provide both support and control to that group of offenders. These are the prolific ‘revolving door’ offenders whose criminality has most impact on the public, and for whom short sentences can do little to change their behaviour.

The government’s recent plans also mean that, for the first time in recent history, every offender released from prison will receive supervision in the community.

Working with the prisons has always been varied, working from within the prison to maintain liaison with prison officer colleagues, with colleagues in local Probation offices and with other agencies, to ensure that a range of practical assistance is available and public protection is achieved.

What is necessary to maximise the chances of a successful return to the community?
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