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Essex Probation

Work with Courts

National Probation staff will attend the criminal courts regularly to liaise with sentencers and provide information to assist their work. Reports for courts are prepared on people convicted of a crime, before sentence is decided. The wide range of information they contain will add to the court’s knowledge about each individual. It will be included in all the other data available to the court so that a balanced and appropriate decision can be made as to sentence.

Probation Reports

Reports are requested by both magistrates and crown courts, usually on the more serious cases. These carefully prepared documents are provided on the day, or if they need further research, to an agreed deadline.

Good assessment

Assessment is a fundamental tool in the work of Probation. The court report provides the groundwork on which to base the first stage of supervision if a Community Order is made. If the offender goes to prison, the report offers useful background information for prison and probation staff during sentence.

Skilful work

The skills needed in report preparation are varied: doing the research; eliciting information from the offender; judging its value; collating, interpreting, summarising and setting down the key issues, to produce a balanced report which gets to the heart of the problem and offers the best-case scenario for stopping the offending.

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