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Project providing a more effective response for offenders with personality disorders

Posted: 6th November 2013 by Essex CRC.
Personality Disorders
Personality Disorders

Offenders with personality disorders to be helped by new project:

Commissioned jointly by NOMS and the NHS, and provided by Essex Probation in partnership with North Essex Partnership Trust (NEPT), the service for personality disordered offenders commenced in April 2013 and has made significant progress.

Offenders with personality disorders can stand out: they are often those who find it hardest to comply with the requirements of their community orders or licences. On the other hand, they can go unnoticed: they may simply face early breach or recall.

Muti-faceted approach

The project has four components (with an element of overlap between them):

  • Case screening
  • Case consultation
  • Case formulation, and
  • Workforce development

“Securing tools to more accurately assess offenders with personality disorders, along with support from health experts to develop our practice, are the great benefits of this project,” says Director Gill Hirst.

Help for those who will benefit the most

A full caseload screen identified those offenders most likely to benefit from the project. A bespoke further screening is underway for these cases, with psychologists reviewing the results to determine which offenders to prioritise.

Informal case consultations have already begun, as the psychology team have regular slots in each Probation office and the Approved Premises, and Personality Disorder screening also commenced in August.