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Essex Probation

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Sentencers Info

Welcome to information designed for Essex Sentencers.

Your suggestions as to any information you would like to see on this page would be very much welcomed. Get in touch using our Feedback form.


News laws have been introduced affecting the way we work with service users. Click HERE to find out more. [Updated 7 May, 2015]


Transforming Rehabilitation: the government’s changes

Click HERE to find our more.


The Probation Experience DVD: a graphic depiction

Some magistrates have already seen this DVD which shows an offender’s journey through the various requirements imposed by the court. It also contains interesting footage of a MAPPA meeting which plans for the release of a dangerous offender, after a Probation Victim Liaison Officer has visited his victim, graphically illustrated.

While the offender’s journey will now be facilitated by two different organisations, the work that is needed is well illustrated here.

Our Crown Court judges have seen the DVD, and it is currently being used with councils across Essex. It works best with Probation staff introducing the various issues.

To arrange a group showing, please contact your local Essex CRC manager responsible for court work. See under ‘Introductory Video’ below.

Probation Experience DVD Artwork

Interventions Latest

For short briefings about our current programmes and structured interventions, click here. We will be adding more as our programme portfolio develops further this year.


Sentencer Focus Newsletters: Essex Probation until June 1st 2014, Essex CRC from June 2014 onwards

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You’ll also find a range of other publications in our Resource Centre Publications section, including our Annual Report, MAPPA Annual Report, and our Community Payback Annual Report.