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Essex Probation

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Transforming Rehabilitation affects you. See what the changes are.

There are now two organisations providing Probation services in Essex. One is the Community Rehabilitation Company, and the other is the National Probation Service. We will decide which one will supervise you.

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Transforming Rehabilitation: what will it mean to service users?

“We are proud of our work in reducing reoffending in this county. Our performance has never been higher. While there will now be two organisations working to protect the public, we intend that the county of Essex will continue to receive as excellent a service as we can provide.

“Some of our staff are working with the National Probation Service; others (the majority) are situated with the Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC). The government’s plans to offer all CRCs in England and Wales in a share sale will bear fruit later this year when bids have been scrutinised and decisions made. A Mutual, formed in Essex by some of our staff, will also be bidding for the work.

“I would like to reassure all service users that in any event, we will be working as hard as usual to sustain our strong response to crime in this county and to ensure that continuity of service is maintained throughout.”

Mary Archer OBE, Chief Executive, Essex CRC