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Essex Probation

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Approved Premises Rules

The rules that everyone must keep to in Approved Premises are complemented by requirements specific to an offender, including those on their Prison Licence.

  1. I must stay in the building during curfew hours, which are 11pm to 6am, and obey any extra curfew and other conditions set by the Court or set out in my Licence. I must obey any extra curfews and I agree to stay in my own room when Approved Premises Managers ask me to.
  2. I must pay the Approved Premises maintenance charges. If I am claiming benefits I must make a claim for benefit in the morning on the first day after I start living at the Premises. I must also provide proof that I have done this.
  3. I must take a drug or alcohol test if staff ask me to.
  4. I must give all my medicine and drugs to staff, and take my medicine as prescribed by my doctor.
  5. I must see a doctor, nurse or other health worker if staff have good reason to think I need to.
  6. I must take part in the Approved Premises programme, including any group or individual activities that form part of my personal sentence or supervision plan. I must write a weekly diary about my planned activities and where I have been.
  7. I must let staff search my room and personal things – including my vehicle if it is parked in the grounds of the Approved Premises.
  8. I must pay attention to my personal cleanliness and keep my room clean and tidy for health and safety reasons. I must also agree to reasonable requests from staff, which may include activities related to the running and upkeep of the Approved Premises, such as household jobs. I must obey all Health and Safety measures in the Premises.
  9. I must not smoke in the building. I may smoke outside the Approved Premises – in the grounds – but only in the area set aside for smokers, if there is one.
  10. I must not bring into the Premises – including the grounds – or carry on me any weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs or drugs paraphernalia, or solvents or other items that could be dangerous. Some solvents and other dangerous items may be allowed, in special cases, if the Approved Premises Managers agree.
  11. I must not damage or try to damage anything that belongs to the Approved Premises, its staff, contractors, visitors or other residents.
  12. At all times, I must behave in a way that is not violent, threatening, disruptive, racist, sexist or in any way offensive or prejudiced. I must not do anything that may disgrace the Approved Premises, its staff or other residents. I must not attract harmful attention to the Premises or do anything that could reasonably be regarded as a nuisance to the neighbours. I must not endanger the health and safety of staff, other residents, local neighbours, or members of the public.
  13. I must not bring anyone under the age of 18 into the Premises – including the grounds – at any time. I must not bring visitors aged 18 or over into the Premises – including the grounds – without the permission of staff. Visitors are allowed only in certain parts of the Premises. If I am allowed visitors, I must ensure that they stay in those parts at all times and that they leave by the time my curfew begins, or earlier if staff ask it.
  14. I must not bring in to the Premises any electrical, electronic or photographic item, unless the Approved Premises Managers allow it. If any such item can receive live TV broadcasts, I must have a valid licence. I must make sure that any electrical item I have has a valid portable appliance test (PAT) certificate where necessary.
  15. I must not:
  • bring in to, display in, share or produce in any format in the Approved Premises materials that may be considered offensive, prejudiced or anti-social
  • photograph, film or video any member of staff, resident, visitor, or any person near the Premises
  • use any equipment to record conversations or meetings that take place in the Premises, without the permission of the people concerned