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Essex Probation

Your Approved Premises

It may be decided that you need to stay in a hostel run by the National Probation Service, on your release from prison, or when required by your Offender Manager. These particular hostels are called Approved Premises (APs). In Essex, our AP is called Felmores. You will be expected to follow the rules and ensure that your stay does not cause any inconvenience for people living with you in the AP, or those residents in the surrounding area.

As well as standard requirements and rules for all AP residents, there are likely to be extra requirements that you will be expected to keep to. Some of them will be on your Prison Licence. These will be decided by your Offender Manager/Probation Officer and the Manager of the AP.

What you will see happening on a day-to-day basis includes:

  • A standard minimum curfew (11pm to 6am)
  • Reporting at specific times throughout the day
  • Electronic monitoring facilities for residents subject to electronic tagging
  • Visits by Police Public Protection Officers
  • On-site drug testing
  • Alcohol testing
  • Daily monitoring and recording of incoming mail
  • Routine checking on, and recording, of your behaviour
  • Probation can ‘fast-track’ someone’s recall to prison if necessary, 24 hours a day.

Planning ahead and doing the work

You will have plenty of opportunity to plan for your life ahead, and to receive guidance from staff who work in the AP. They will liaise with your Offender Manager, and will set up courses for you to attend where necessary. These can include:

  • group treatment programmes on offending behaviour
  • substance misuse treatment packages
  • mental health assessment
  • employment, learning and skills advice and assistance

You will pay towards your accommodation: this and other practical arrangements will be discussed with you to make sure you are clear about how things work.

Your length of stay will be dependent on the decisions made by AP staff and your Offender Manager. We intend to make your stay as practical and helpful as we can, so that you are in a better position to avoid reoffending in future.