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Essex Probation

Your Community Order

Your Responsible Officer (RO) is responsible for supervising your court order. They will contact you regularly and you be expected to stay in touch with them. They will explain what is expected of you and will give you appointments which you must attend.

It will be important to make a plan. To make sure you get the help you need to stop offending, your RO will discuss with you what you need to be involved in, and when.

This plan will be updated as you go along and when you achieve various milestones. We also keep a record of all our contacts with you, and what happens when you take part in other activities, for instance, our groupwork programmes or Community Payback (Unpaid Work). Any referrals we make to other organisations that can help you will also be recorded, and updated as you achieve your goals.

You will also have a similar plan if you go to prison. Your Sentence Plan will also provide added information when you’re released from prison to be supervised by us. We can’t solve all of your problems for you, but there is a lot that Probation services in Essex can offer.

In partnership with other organisations, we can help you to

  • Stop offending
  • Overcome drug misuse or drink problem
  • Get training, or education (including basic English and maths)
  • Sort out debts and benefits
  • Sort out accommodation issues
  • Plan for the future

You will need to keep to the rules . Failure to do so will be what is called a ‘Breach’ of the order and will very likely send you back to court. The options then would be for the court to make you do more requirements, make the requirement(s) you are doing harder or send you to prison