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Sodexo’s Offshore Living delivers exceptional experiences, every day

Published on : 11/27/23
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  • Of the 16,000 plus workers surveyed in 2023, 63% of the offshore workers in UK stated that their offshore living experience was very good. Using customer insights, Sodexo has recently refreshed the offshore offer to ensure it is meeting the needs of today’s offshore workers.

    “Sodexo has a strong safety culture across all the markets it operates and ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyone working on an offshore installation is always our top priority. We have taken feedback from our existing customer base and used this to improve and enhance the services we deliver.”

    Ed Morrow, Managing Director of Sodexo Energy & Resources UK & Ireland

    There is no mistaking that life's tough for people working in isolated, extreme environments. Thus, organisations are realising how important workforce engagement is, which is why Sodexo is ensuring the best-lived experience possible for its clients’ workforce through the delivery of an integrated suite of service.

    Of the 16,000 plus workers surveyed in 2023, 63% of the offshore workers in UK stated that their offshore living experience was very good. Delving deeper into why this is not higher, Sodexo’s survey revealed that offshore workers said the quality of food was a critical factor for them along with the accommodation infrastructure and the need for more recreational avenues such as entertainment and internet access.

    Focus on food

    The survey showed that Sodexo’s consumers in UK were satisfied with its food services, rating it 4.5 out of 5 in terms of overall satisfaction, taste of food, variety of food and healthy options offered. They also revealed that they wanted easy access to nutritionally balanced meals in a modern and stylish social space.  

    Taking this valuable insight, the team at Sodexo has made improvements to its offer and has introduced Kitchen Works Co. by Sodexo food service into all installations.   

    By introducing Kitchen Works Co., Sodexo’s skilled culinary teams on installations have a bank of over 2,000 recipes at the touch of their fingertips and are able to spend less time on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on the delivery of delicious and nutritious meals.

    Sodexo Chef preparing food in kitchen

    Ed Morrow, explains: “One of the biggest changes we have made is to introduce a new food offer which not only offers an updated and more extensive range of meals but helps our teams focus on creating outstanding food experiences by introducing new tools and systems to support them. All the improvements we have made have been created not only to deliver the best and most efficient service possible but to improve the lived experience of those working offshore which we believe will support our clients in their goal to recruit and retain the best talent for their operations.

    Local suppliers have also played a major part in Sodexo’s catering services and will continue to do so with Scottish suppliers providing a range of first-class products and produce.  

    The new menus for Offshore Living have been developed with the offshore worker profile in mind to ensure offshore workers are able to refuel, recharge and regroup. The menus include a wide range of dishes, including global flavours, familiar favourites, healthier and sustainable options using quality ingredients, sourced locally where possible. And, for the first time, offshore workers will be able to see not only the allergens, but also the calorific information on every dish.

    We have always focused on delivering the highest standard for our offshore clients to help and protect their workforce who operate in challenging environments.

    Ed Morrow, Managing Director of Sodexo Energy & Resources UK & Ireland

    Planet-friendly approach to food

    As part of its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, Sodexo’s teams will utilise technology such as WasteWatch - a food waste management programme - which the organisation is rolling out across its business globally.  

    Figures collated from Sodexo client sites worldwide show WasteWatch has been proven to cut food waste by an average of 50% where it is used. It achieves this by rapidly capturing food waste data and giving clear insights into what is being wasted and why. Teams can then bring in operational and behavioural changes to help end avoidable food waste, whether generated in the kitchen or by consumers.  

    In addition to introducing WasteWatch, Sodexo will also be introducing carbon-labelling. Working with its partner, Eaternity, Sodexo has calculated the quantitative carbon footprint of dishes on its menu and has created a traffic light system with ‘low-medium-high’ CO2 emissions labels. Like this, consumers can see the environmental impact of each dish, helping raise awareness of the impact of food choices on the planet.


    Creating a home away from home undoubtedly boosts the wellbeing of workers. Sodexo’s team takes cabin cleaning, housekeeping and laundry beyond visibly clean.

    A smiling man with a hat To ensure the living quarters and common areas are the best they can be, Sodexo’s skilled offshore teams will deliver new, improved cleaning regimes based on its high standards and global practices.

    Environmental sustainability has been the core of its cleaning services for many years and Sodexo’s Comfort service will continue to use the planet-friendly products and invest in cleaning equipment that supports safety and efficiency.  

    The latest technology is used to optimise resourcing and cleaning methods ensuring its high standards are maintained through regular reporting and monitoring, enabling management teams to make decisions based on operational information and meaningful data.

    Safety first

    Keeping everyone safe takes strong leadership and personal responsibility, and this is embedded at every level within Sodexo. Its zero-harm mindset prioritises health, safety and wellbeing, giving its clients the confidence. 

    Developed with a global team of 1,500 HSE and risk management experts, Sodexo’s processes and practices guide every decision, and every task. With a consistent approach to identifying, reporting and reducing workplace risks, it offers peace of mind.

    Its Safety Nets programme is used to train its teams in accident prevention and to assess gaps where incidents could occur. Through a standardised approach and digital reporting, Sodexo is able to monitor and improve safety performance across multiple regions.

    Taking the strain on non-core services

    With proven expertise in more than 100 facilities management services, safety culture and well-established supply chains, Sodexo clients have access to a number of additional services that support safe and efficient operations. These include: 

    • Technical maintenance: asset management, reactive and planned maintenance and a range of ad-hoc projects for living quarters, common areas, and the galley.
    • Heli-admin and radio services: Sodexo employs specialists experienced in managing helicopter traffic to and from installations safely.
    • Refurbishments: Many offshore facilities are ageing and in need of improvement and modernisation. Sodexo is an expert in delivering refurbishment projects and has successfully undertaken projects that have improved the lived experience of the offshore workforce.  Working closely with clients, Sodexo can deliver refurbishment projects with minimal disruption creating spaces that support and energise people on board and improving crew satisfaction.

    Ed Morrow concludes: “With more than 50 years’ experience in delivering offshore management services we understand the importance of safeguarding health and well-being while creating a home away from home. Our suite of integrated services provides a best-in-class offshore living and working environment for individuals which contributes to better job performance, experience and engagement”.

    Get in touch and discover exceptional services that support safe and efficient operations and provide your crew with true hospitality at sea.

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