Entegra was established by Sodexo in 1999 to help businesses with food facilities to buy more efficiently. Today, Entegra is the largest food group purchasing organization in the world.

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With the buying power of €20 billion in supplier contracts, Entegra is the procurement partner improving the operational performance of clients at across Europe.

At Entegra we proudly help our clients become beacons of hospitality. Our combination of savings and services is unmatched.

Entegra boosts the performance of hospitality-driven businesses by cutting costs on food, supplies and services and improving operations. For its clients, great customer service is essential to their business. With Entegra’s trusted expertise at their side, its clients get the support they need to achieve their goals.

As part of Sodexo, Entegra shares the Sodexo values of service spirit, team spirit and the spirit of progress. As the heart of our ability to grow and provide the best service for our clients, these values inspire us and shape our behaviours.

Entegra delivers single-source access to top-quality offerings, maximum savings and custom contracting to fit specific needs.

Entegra’s clients benefit from the combined buying power of thousands of other business units across Europe. It provides access the broadest selection of suppliers. Negotiating contracted pricing and service levels with over 800 suppliers to help businesses save more on food and beverage, supplies, services, equipment and more.

Entegra has built a strong network of distributor partners for comprehensive, flexible coverage.

Entegra is the strategic procurement partner that puts your business performance first by making it easier to access top-quality products, services and support.
Entegra has built a culture of integrity, inclusion and social responsibility. Its diverse suppliers, sustainable options and environmentally-conscious solutions supports its clients achieve sustainability, diversity and inclusivity goals and improves business performance.

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