Nutritious and sustainable meals

Every time our consumers eat with us, they put their trust in us. We work with NHS trusts and private hospitals to provide sustainable and cost-effective catering services that support patient healthcare journeys and workforce health through excellent nutrition.

For patients, we design, manage and serve fresh, nutritious and appetising hospital meals that meet the full range of dietary needs and preferences. For healthcare staff, we provide easy access to nourishing and rejuvenating food and drinks, so they remain energised on even the busiest days.

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Our NHS catering and hospital food services

From plated hot meals to grab-and-go options, we make sure there’s a nourishing, balanced and healthy option for patients, staff and visitors.

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Nutritious and tasty patient menus

Our menus are designed and continually reviewed by our healthcare dieticians to provide evidence-based nutrition. We provide supporting nutrition analysis and allergen data, and comply with relevant standards and guidance.

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Kitchen management

We can deploy a range of comprehensive, innovative and technological processes to ensure your hospital’s kitchens are managed and operated to maintain the highest standards of sustainability, cleanliness and infection control.

Patient dining and nutrition

We’ll work with you to identify menu choices that meet the tastes, health and religious requirements of the communities you serve.

We offer choices suitable for every age group, from paediatric to geriatric, and for different patient groups, from maternity to mental health.

Every menu item will be carefully selected and created by our nutritionists and dieticians to provide the perfect balance between taste, choice and nutrition.  

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Our product range

A frozen and chilled traditional food range for longer stay patients allowing for more menu flexibility, a variety of portion sizes and choice in selection of meal components. Elderly care and mental health wards can all benefit from a service based on this range. 

The Vive! Range, our fast-growing range of pre-prepared, plated meals, offers convenient, high quality meals, whilst delivering cost effective, steam pressure cooked meals. 

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Hospital retail services

Let us take care of managing and running your hospital retail services, bringing national expertise and economies of scale while you focus on delivering outstanding care. 

Our retail services bring familiar brand names to create essential moments of respite for the people caring for your patients. We’ll make sure your staff and visitors have somewhere they can rest, rejuvenate and refuel, whenever and wherever they need to. 

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Meals to support staff wellbeing

We’ll work with you to make sure your busy staff get the fresh meals that will provide the nourishment and fuel they need to stay energised and clear-headed for the health-critical work they’re doing every day. 

We’ll take the same care in providing appetising and nutritious meals for your staff as we will for your patients. And with household names on the menu, there’ll be a daily meal to suit every taste and budget. 

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Meeting the food & drink standards

In this short video, Phil Shelley, Chair of the Food Review, discusses the implementation, measurement and future development of the National Healthcare Food & Drink standards.

Phil outlines the challenges, as well as the early successes, such as Sodexo’s flexible eating initiative which has seen an incredible increase in patient food consumption.  

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Experiencia: improving patient experience in the moment

The quality of catering services is frequently a key focus for patients.

Because Experiencia enables you to improve patient experience in the moment, it can identify patient concerns about meals while patients are still in your care. This means issues can be resolved quickly, as well as helping you understand where to focus continued improvement in non-clinical service.

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Wastewatch: Reducing food waste

Sodexo prevented 4,000kg of food waste while maintaining 77% satisfaction rate with quality of food. Download our case study that shows the results of our food waste reduction solution WasteWatch, introduced at our partnered North Devon District Hospital site in March 2021.

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Sodexo Health & Care shortlisted for 2 awards

Our 24/7 Deli has been successfully shortlisted for the Healthcare Caterer of the Year category at the 2023 Foodservice Cateys. Our other solutions Welcome Guide and Flexible Dining have also been shortlisted for PENNA23 in the Communicating Effectively with Patients and Families and Personalisation of Care categories.

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Supporting net zero and sustainability

For over 10 years, we’ve been innovating ways to make hospital catering services more sustainable by reducing waste, choosing energy-efficient cooking options, and locally sourcing ingredients.


Our food waste reduction solution, WasteWatch, helps our kitchen team make sustainable choices when ordering, cooking and managing food stocks. The initiative has helped us drive down spoilage rates while any food that is not consumed is pulped before being conversed to energy in an anaerobic digester.

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Local sourcing

One of the key elements of our sustainable hospital catering services is our commitment to sourcing and using local produce whenever we can. Even when the food your patients need is not available locally, our DRIVE food management process helps us plan more sustainable and efficient food journeys.

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