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As the world’s 19th largest employer, operating in 53 countries, Sodexo has been on the frontlines since day one in Wuhan, China alongside our clients. Our global, boots-on-ground perspective meant that we were ready and prepared to face the pandemic head-on as it began affecting Europe and the rest of the world. Our expert and engaged teams backed by Sodexo's 54 years of experience, particularly in areas of healthcare, seniors, government, and supply chain, have never been more critical.  And, the connections we have been consciously building year after year with our team, local suppliers, and clients have proven their strength, making us faster and more agile as we pull together - and fight together - for everyone’s safety.

Sodexo’s response has been multi-fold, considering the thousands of constituents we work with, and our deeply held core values to keep people safe and build long-lasting mutually supportive relationships, even in - especially in - times of crisis.

We are on the front lines across the world

We are modifying services to ensure safety and support our many different client needs

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We are providing continuity for our clients adjusting to new situations and closures

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We are supporting our suppliers with measures that reinforce our values around supporting local communities


We are supporting our employees

We are EXTREMELY proud of our team, who do a great job in often tough circumstances. They are dedicated and professional and we extend our heartfelt thanks. Sodexo immediately responded to the pandemic’s economic impact by adapting its operational management. This included closing down sites, lowering service frequency and cancelling or postponing some services.


Employee Relief Program

Despite all our efforts, this once-in-a-lifetime crisis will regrettably mean lay-offs for some of our staff. As a result, we have established a global Sodexo Employee Relief Program for our employees facing layoffs due to site closures.

This €30 million global program is being administered locally according to the specific needs of each country and support provided will depend on various factors, including the existence of government social protection programs.

It is being funded by senior executives and the company as follows: 

  • Sodexo Chairwoman of the Board of Directors Sophie Bellon will waive 50% of her remuneration for 6 months1
  • Global CEO Denis Machuel will waive 50% of his fixed remuneration for 6 months as well as his variable remuneration for Fiscal 2020.
  • Group Executive Committee members will give up 10% of their fixed remuneration for 6 months as well as their annual variable remuneration. 
  • The 200 senior executives from all segments and operations around the world will also waive their annual variable remuneration. 

1 The Chairwoman does not receive any annual variable compensation.

Covid-19 Vaccine: helping our employees make their choice:

For our Clients

Sodexo has business continuity and pandemic plans in place and we are working 24/7 to ensure that our teams have the right tools and information to reduce transmission risk and mitigate any suspected or confirmed cases, whether at work or at home. Sodexo recognizes that all organizations have a role to play to address COVID-19. By working with our clients and mobilizing all of our employees, we can help to reduce the spread of this virus and mitigate its impact.

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