In line with our historical commitment and, dual mission and purpose we have developed an approach and new economic model that creates a social and environmental impact in local neighborhoods. This model meets the expectations of our clients, consumers and employees.

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Our approach

Our impactful approach is to establish a social hub in a deprived neighborhood and provide services which support these three areas:

Access to employment

We provide concrete solutions to residents in deprived neighborhoods by building employment paths with local organizations.

Health through food

We share our knowledge on "eating well" for all, showing how quality food can be accessed within constrained budgets.

Social unity

We develop social hubs located the heart of the local community which provide residents with the perfect place to come together.

"We are convinced that partnerships in local communities between public and private organizations - companies and associations will make it possible to provide new responses to the major challenges of society", explains Isabelle Aprile, Director of Societal Innovation and CEO La Passerelle.

La Passerelle in 2022 is a pilot social hub in Clichy-Sous-Bois, our goal is to set up 10 social innovation hubs in France by 2025. To follow our progress in this initiative, visit Isabelle Aprile's LinkedIn profile here.

La Passerelle: our economic, social and environmental model in action

Copywright: Chabanne Architecte

La Passerelle is our first social innovation project following this economic model. This first social hub is located in a priority district within the heart of the city of Paris in France (Clichy Sous-Bois). The name ‘La Passerelle’ (translating as ‘The bridge’) reflects our ambition to create links between local public organizations, local urban farmers and consumers and the local inhabitants.

How it works:

The social hub is made up of 4 spaces:

Our impact in key figures at Clichy-Sous-Bois:

key figures graphic, accessible version below

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An eco-friendly and sustainable model recognized by public authorities:

La Passerelle is an eco-designed building, with positive energy and low carbon footprint with a wooden facade and a green roof. Designed and built by Sodexo (Project Management), it is certified by both: Bâtiments Durables Franciliens and E+C-. The supply of produce is from local farmers with the support of the Croix Rouge Insertion.

Recognized by the public authorities (Ministère de l’Agriculture et Ministère de la Ville), the model was the winner of Quartiers Fertiles in 2021, call for projects from the Agence Nationale de Rénovation Urbaine and supported by the France Relance plan.

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