The world has changed — and we have a new view

Everyone needs care at some point in their lives. In the last few years, how and where that care is delivered has changed — and it will continue to change. Informed by a wealth of data and insights, we have a robust understanding of both consumers and specific sites of care, allowing us to provide practical, customized management solutions for our clients and the people they serve.

Care is a journey

In the home, clinic, hospital or care community, we deliver support services that make the journey easier, more efficient, more visible and more personalized.

Highly specialized teams

Our people leverage clinical, operational and discipline-specific expertise to deliver improved quality care for optimal impact, wherever it’s needed.

Insights to inform care

We understand how people feel about their care journey and what matters to them. Data helps us design and adjust our products to support care management and helps front-line teams understand the impact they have on improving care.

Focus on compliance

Managing regulatory requirements can be a burden. Our people, products and processes adapt to local regulation, so clients have less to worry about.

A portfolio of products unique in its scope and scale

Adaptable and customizable to each care setting, our products deliver the outcomes clients need, while maintaining a person-centred approach. Each of our products is supported with technology and data solutions to drive efficiency and compliance.

Consumer Experience

Arm your teams with the data you need to deliver human-centered care experiences. Our proactive and predictive engagement with consumers — a hospital patient, a care-home resident or a staff member — gives you deep insight that drives improved outcomes.

Infection Prevention

In today’s environment, you need disinfection and decontamination processes proven to significantly reduce nosocomial infection rates. We reduce patient harm and improve outcomes across healthcare settings.


A resident sharing a meal with friends. A team member refueling during a shift. Your residents and staff deserve the latest menu trends, nutrition and rejuvenation. Blending specialized concepts and world-class brands we create memorable experiences which are the highlight of the day.

Clinical Nutrition

We partner with you to provide consumers with the nutrition they need. Driven by our clinical dietitians, our nutritional protocols give you confidence that people get the right nutrition, in a hospital, in a care community or at home.

Healthcare Technology Management

Keep track of your assets, improve equipment uptime and availability at the same time as reducing total cost of ownership. We manage healthcare technology assets and infrastructure across the care continuum, from the most complex acute care setting to a patients’ home.

Home Care

The care you provide doesn’t end when a person leaves your facility. We can extend care delivery with personal and nursing services for people in their own homes. From help with simple daily tasks to managing complex patients with multiple morbidities.


Experience the benefits of purchasing power and strong distributor relationships no matter where you operate. We offer procurement and advice services that drive cost savings which maintain quality and ensure supply-chain integrity.

Healthcare Support Services

From transportation and logistics to engineering and contact centers to concierge services for caregivers and patients, we deliver a range of outsourced solutions to support the complexities of your environment, increase efficiency and improving quality of care.

Case studies

Reducing nosocomial infections

To reduce healthcare associated infection rates, we created a radically different approach to infection prevention, Protecta. Our approach significantly impacts healthcare-associated infections levels in healthcare facilities. When all hospital HAI data was analysed, we demonstrated a continual reduction in the incidence of healthcare-associated C. difficile after implementation of Protecta.

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How and why the five-senses matter in aging

Sodexo partnered with the University of Ottawa’s Life Research Institute to deepen our understanding of sensory impairment as people age. We set out to study the senses to ensure that our services have a real and lasting impact on residents around the world. This study inspired new thinking, from simple changes to technological innovations, to ensure we continually raise the level of care.

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Better data powering better care

Arming healthcare staff with relevant patient insights demonstrably improves patient perception of care. Sodexo’s proprietary Insights Platform, Experiencia unlocks a deeper understanding of each patient that informs care teams, allowing them to proactively address each patient’s unique physical, social and emotional needs, ensuring that the care experience is individualized to each patient.

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