Helping students thrive

Introducing Sodexo Schools


Schools Food and Facilities Management services

Nutritious & delicious food experiences

People understand the huge difference a healthy diet can make to a schoolkid’s performance. We make sure every child has access to healthy, balanced meals and place an emphasis on the importance of good nutrition through our catering services for schools.

A Sodexo employee cleaning a globe in a school classroom

Creating safe, clean learning environments

Maintaining an environment that enables students, teachers and staff to focus on learning is vital to creating a thriving school community. Clean classrooms and well-maintained school grounds support their health and welfare. When we shine, they shine.

Our approach

Sodexo Schools works as your team’s go-to resource with the experience, advice, and capabilities to make your jobs easier and your operations smoother. Together we transform challenges into opportunities – all while keeping people at the heart of everything we do.

Raising the next generation

Tasty, globally inspired food that students want to eat, made with fresh ingredients. Our well-rounded, age-appropriate nutrition builds a foundation for a lifetime love of healthy food.

Ensuring food safety

From safe food handling practices to allergy-free menus, we offer solutions to ensure a safe, healthy, and confident school catering experience.

Responsible sourcing

Food chain suppliers must step up. By hiring and purchasing locally at the heart of local communities we are committed to sourcing the majority of of supplies locally.



Supporting schools in 42 countries

Sodexo is proud to support healthy learning experiences in 42 countries. That means we get to serve tens of thousands of students every day, while bringing innovative approaches and best practices from around the corner and around the globe. Our food and facilities management services for schools' help build stronger and healthier learning communities all over the world.

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