Our global employee benefits program, Vita by Sodexo, sets minimum standards for benefits in all the countries where Sodexo operates. It focuses on three benefits: a life insurance benefit, an assistance phone line and parental and care leave.

Vita by Sodexo demonstrates our commitment to contribute to the personal, financial, and family well-being of all our employees regardless of the country in which they work or the Group entity by which they are employed.

Our commitment

Life insurance benefit

Life insurance gives our employees peace of mind that their family’s financial wellbeing is protected should the unexpected happen. Our employees' dependents receive an equivalent of 1-year of the employee's base salary in the event of his/her passing.

Assistance phone line

An Assistance phone line provides our employees with 24/7 access to practical advice, guidance, expert support and counseling.

Parental and care leave

Sodexo has committed to provide 12 weeks of payable benefit for parental leave for the primary carer, with an ambition to reach 14 weeks in most countries, 2 weeks of payable benefit for parental leave for the secondary carer and 5 days of family care leave with payable benefit.

Work for a company where you can thrive in your own way.

Vita by Sodexo was launched in 2023 and will progressively be implemented in most of the countries where Sodexo operates, acknowledging the deployment timeline may vary from country to country. These benefits are to be made available in all entities of the Sodexo Group in compliance with local legislation and the obligation, where applicable, for discussions with labor organizations and social partners.  The terms and conditions of these benefits will be provided in official plan and policy documents to be adopted in each country and employing entity.

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