We are committed to doing business in a responsible, sustainable and ethical manner, improving the quality of life of all our stakeholders. This commitment is central to our identity and values. We are guided by three pillars: individuals, communities and the environment.

Individuals: Improving Well-Being and Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

As a service provider, we aim to contribute to better health and well-being. We offer a wide range of solutions helping individuals eat better and be more active. Our services also support mental health and work-life balance. We are proud to make these services available to our own employees in addition to our clients.

In Brazil for example, our “Viver Bem” program for clients and employees promotes better nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The 75,000 participants have access to regular conferences and on-demand assistance provided by a Sodexo nutritionist. They also benefit from a wide range of digital content, including sustainable recipes, for improved quality of life. The program is also available in Mexico, Chile and Tunisia.

Diversity and inclusion is also at the core of our business strategy, by promoting a more diverse workplace internally at our organization and externally towards our partners, contributing to a fairer world.  

Communities: Supporting Local Development and Helping Vulnerable Populations

In all the countries where we operate, we contribute to socio-economic development, employment and social protection. We empower communities providing access to basic needs, education and employment. Our solutions also promote digital and financial inclusion of excluded and underserved populations.

In Belgium and in France for example, our service vouchers can be used to pay for services such as child care, elderly people assistance or house cleaning. These service vouchers increase households’ purchasing power, while enabling employment.

Environment: Reducing Our Impact and Facilitating the Ecological Transition

We aim to drive consistent and sustainable improvements in the reduction of our environmental impact. To this end, we are accelerating our digitalization, with over 87% of our assets now digital, while optimizing our data center impact. We also encourage our employees to adopt responsible behaviors, inside and outside the office.

In Belgium, our fully digitized eco-vouchers encourage consumers to purchase eco-responsible products and services, supporting the ecological transition while educating on the importance of protecting the environment. 

Our Benefits and Rewards Services are contributing towards the following United Nations Development Goals:

Local Initiatives

We are a trusted partner committed to transparency, business integrity and responsible practices.

We improve people’s health and well-being

We are offering to JUNAEB scholarship students at least one healthy option per day in all our merchants’ network. With our “Vivir Bien” dieticians’ network, we advise restaurants on the nutritional value of meals served. Thanks to our commitment, 70% of the fast-food chains from our network propose healthy options to the JUNAEB beneficiaries.

We support local communities and create employment

Czech Republic launched an innovative campaign to support local restaurants during the Covid period; “Let’s Eat” is based on a cashback incentive encouraging consumers to visit restaurants. During the Covid period, 19,000 people had lunch in 3,500 restaurants, generating 308,000€ revenues. Because of its success, the campaign has been reconducted to the next years.

Improve our ecosystem’s environmental impact

Thanks to the partnership we signed with Phenix in France, the 220,000 merchants affiliated with the Sodexo Pass Restaurant card benefit from a new solution for their unsold items by registering on the Phenix application to offer take-out baskets. This partnership is part of Sodexo’s approach to support affiliated merchants more broadly in optimizing their production, and thus reducing food waste.

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