My future lies with Sodexo

Published on : 2/15/23
  • I’ve been working for Sodexo Germany since May 2017. I started as a sous-chef before moving my way to assistant site manager and then site manager at Drägerwerk Lübeck.

    My path to Sodexo

    I am a chef by training and before joining Sodexo I had worked all over the world. I was always on the road, cooking for famous events such as Formula 1 and the FIFA Champions League. With this demanding lifestyle, I was rarely at home and often had to work 18 to 20-hour days. After four years, I needed a change. I wanted a job that allowed for more free time and a fixed schedule. A former colleague told me about the pleasant work atmosphere, the possibility to work abroad, and above all, the opportunities for promotion they had found at Sodexo, convincing me to apply.

    Today, after five years on the job, I know exactly what my colleague was talking about.

    I love the fact that I can work for Sodexo anywhere in the world. You never know what's going to happen in life. I might want to work somewhere else someday. It's nice to know that I can do that without having to change companies – especially one where I feel so comfortable.

    At Sodexo, I have been able to put my former professional experience to perfect use but the best thing about working at Sodexo in Lübeck was the team spirit I encountered from the very beginning.

    Two promotions in five years

    I have been promoted twice in the last five years. 

    A couple of years into my Sodexo adventure, I had the opportunity to become an assistant site manager. With this promotion, I was able to fulfil my goal of combining more administrative work with my cooking. The wide range of training courses available really helped in my transition. My site manager had always supported me to learn aspects of his role, enabling me to cover for him when he was sick or on vacation. I was then the natural pick as his successor.

    It was incredible to be able to take this step, not just in the same company, but also at the same location. In my current position as site manager, I’m free to help out in the kitchen whenever I want, whether with everyday catering, events, or cooking classes for the staff of Sodexo customers. 

    I didn't want a job where I sat behind a PC all day, but one that enabled me to communicate directly with my colleagues. I'm never at my desk for eight hours a day - you'll often find me in the kitchen or field office. I often create theme weeks for the restaurant like tapas week and implement them with my team.

    Overcoming challenges collectively

    It wasn't all smooth sailing during the transition to my new position. For one thing, I suddenly found myself solely responsible for more than 30 colleagues and all the team's decisions. Structuring my time was also a challenge: what should I do, and when? And how can I remain available for my colleagues despite my office work? Thanks to some support from the area manager (and lots of commitment!), I was able to quickly overcome these challenges and settle into my new daily routine and rhythm.

    My area manager was available whenever I had any questions. His assistance proved vital in the beginning, and we got along extremely well. Thanks to his help, I'm now totally at ease in my current position and look forward to progressing further.

    Benefits for Sodexo employees

    Sodexo offers many advantages as an employer. Two, in particular, stand out from the rest. First of all, there's the matter of professional development. I've never seen such an extensive offer at any other company. Sodexo training helps us in so many ways – for me, it allows me to continually learn new skills.

    The second benefit is the dynamic of the team. I have always felt extremely comfortable in my team in Lübeck. I can see myself working at Sodexo for the rest of my life. My experiences here make me want to continue working for Sodexo and help the company succeed in the future.

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    This article was created by Torben Genzen, Site Manager Sodexo in Germany

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